Handpiece Specialists, Inc.
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29425 E. Edgewater Drive
Welches, OR 97067
Toll Free:
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We realize that your handpiece is the most important tool of your profession and we are committed to assist you in keeping them in the best condition possible.  We are available to discuss any problems you may have.

Handpiece Specialists, Inc. Provides -

*  Free estimates on in-house repairs.  We can provide an estimate on factory repairs, however, some manufacturers have estimate fees that range from $20 - $40.
*  "Rush" in-house repairs when needed.
* Assistance with maintenance procedure, upgrading handpieces and attachments.
*  Handpieces are disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned to ensure that new parts are not contaminated with debris left in the handpiece, to keep fiber optics bright and air/water lines clean. Highspeed handpieces handles are polished, as needed, to remove signs of rust and debris, especially on connector threads.
*  We are associated with other small businesses with specialized services, such as:
            1.  Fiber optic replacement - prices vary with model - from $95 - $130
            2.  Repair of European made handpieces only - free estimates
                (such as Kavo Slowspeeds & electrics, W & H and Anthogyr handpieces)
           3. Instrument Sharpening/Retipping - list of instruments and prices available
We promote their businesses and they compliment ours.
*  We strive for 24-hour turnaround for all in-house repairs
*  We use only high grade bearings, ABEC 7 or better.
*  No repairs that exceeds 50% of replacement will be done.

Highspeed Handpieces -

*  We service most handpieces from manufacturers, such as, Midwest, Star, Kavo, Impact Air, Athena/Champion, MTI, NSK and various canister style.
*  Bearing/O ring replacements - $70 most models.  Price for Star is $110 and the Impact Air is $80.
*  New turbines - We mainly provide aftermarket turbines retailing from $145 for all models except Star and Impact Airs that retail at $170.

Slowspeed Handpieces -

*  We service most brands - average repairs are approximately $80
*  Major overhauls range from $100 - $150
*  Minor repairs and adjustments are approxmately $30

Attachments -

*  Repairs average around $40 for contra angles, nose cones, prophy heads, and ball bearing  latch heads.

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