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Handpiece repairs can be very costly, so it is very important that your handpieces be maintained on a daily basis to prolong the life of your bearings.  HPS Dental Lube Autoclavable Lubricant can be used as both a lubricant and a cleaner for daily maintenance.

HPS Dental Lube is a high grade autoclavable mineral oil with rust inhibitors.  It is
tasteless, odorless: a completely unobtrusive lubricant.  It is so safe it is used in baby products and in the food industry, but effective enough to contain rust and corrosion inhibitors. This lubricant can be used on both dental highspeed and slowspeed handpieces, as well as, all of the attachments.

As a cleaner, it can be used after a patient to flush out any debris that may be on
the bearings. Keeping the bearings clean will greatly prolong their life and maintain the high rpms needed. Lubricating your handpieces before placing them in the sterilizer will coat the bearings and protect them from drying out from the heat, as well as, repel moisture, preventing rust. It will not be necessary to relube after removing from the sterilizer as this lubricant will not change its form in any way. 

All bearings need lubrication of some kind. Even the "lube free" that are packed with grease. Bearings should be lubricated after every 10 minutes, especially with hard use such as a crown prep. Downward pressure causes the bearings to heat up when they are not allowed to spin freely. It would be like trying to drive your car with the emergency brake on.

HPS Dental Lube retails at $21 for a 4 oz. bottle which includes a 2 oz. applicator bottle. The cost of a pint is $63 which is equivalent to getting one 4 oz. bottle free.

We also have a DENTAL LAB LUBRICANT which retails at $9.00 for a 4 oz. bottle.
This lubricant will also be sold in pints retailing at $27.

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